Конкурс проектів у рамках освітньої програми UNESCO

У рамках освітньої кампанії 2017 року Міжнародний рух World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Initiative запрошує організації до участі у конкурсі проектів (далі – англ.).

Deadline: November 30, 2016



Over the past nine years, the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Initiative has grown tremendously with increasing interest and appreciation for World Heritage protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage sites. 2017 will celebrate the 10 years of WHV. In this context, we are pleased to launch the World Heritage Volunteers 2017 campaign and welcome the participation of all interested organisations and institutions. The World Heritage Volunteers Initiative is led by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) in the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), European Heritage Volunteers (as a branch of Open Houses) and Better World.

The World Heritage Volunteers 2017 campaign shall aim to:

1) Raise awareness among young people, volunteers, local communities, and concerned authorities of the need to protect and promote World Heritage; 2) Involve young people in World Heritage preservation through concrete projects at sites;

3) Empower young people allowing them to learn skills, basic preservation and conservation techniques and raise their capacity as future decision-makers and global active citizens;

4) Strengthen sustainable cooperation between non-profit organisations, site management, communities and authorities;

5) Identify best practices and develop non-formal education tools to facilitate stakeholders’ participation in the World Heritage education;

6) Mainstream gender equality in all stages of the projects and geographical diversity among the World Heritage properties where the action camps take place.

Selection Criteria:

For selection, proposed projects must fulfil the set of criteria below (mandatory):

The project:

Should be organised in immediate connection to a property inscribed on the World Heritage List or a site inscribed on a Tentative List [Reference: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list; http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists ];

  • Should have a minimum 10 day duration (excluding arrival and departure dates);
  • Should include the same group of people for a minimum 10 day duration, consecutive or not;
  • Should start after the 15 May 2017 and end by the 30 October 2017;
  • Should involve as much as possible international volunteers;
  • Should include awareness activities, practical hands-on activities and skills related to World Heritage sites where the action camp will be conducted (detailed definitions of hands-on activities and skills in Annex below);
  • Should be developed in consultation with site managers and local authorities in planning details of the activities;
  • Should include practical hands-on skills training activities as well as reflection on issues related to World Heritage;
  • Should involve the community in order to deepen their knowledge around issues related to World Heritage and the World Heritage Volunteers Initiative;
  • Should respect participants’ gender equality (ideally equal number of male and female) and geographical diversity (ideally from different countries and regions).

Confirmation of Selection:

Following the selection of the projects a confirmation letter will be sent to the participating organisations. The organisations will receive a list of online educational materials as a resource to support their awareness-raising activities. The World Heritage centre will send an official information letter, accompanied by the project profile and the complete list of the selected projects to relevant National Commissions, permanent Delegations, UNESCO field offices, and site management authorities.


In order to get involved in or renew your commitment to the protection and preservation of World Heritage through voluntary action and non-formal education, please fill in the on-line application: http://bit. ly/2cQ1HLa

If you have difficulties accessing the online form, please download the application from the following link: http://bit.ly/2dr4RWK and send it to secretariat@ccivs.org (for projects in Africa, Arab States and the Americas), to info@heritagevolunteers.eu (for projects in Europe) or whv@betterworld.asia (for projects in Asia), with a copy to the World Heritage Centre (i.yousfi@unesco.org).

Application is here.

Deadline: November 30, 2016


The World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Initiative

info@heritagevolunteers.eu (for projects in Europe)

with a copy to the World Heritage Centre (i.yousfi@unesco.org).


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